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Ensalada by Sebastian Aguilera de Heredia
arr. for flute quartet by Emissary Quartet

About Ensalada

Sebastian Aguilera de Heredia (1561-1627) was a key figure in the development of organ music in Spain. He spent his life working as an organist at Huesca Cathedral and La Seo Catedral in Zaragoza, where his duties included playing for liturgical services, supervising the renovation of the cathedral organs, and composing. Only 18 of his keyboard works survive.


The ensalada is a secular polyphonic vocal genre from the Renaissance, mixing different languages, dialects, and rhythms. Aguilera's Ensalada, originally written for organ, is a mixture of unrelated themes and contrasting meters. 


This arrangement is transposed a major 9th above the original key to maximize the range of the alto flute. We have kept the score free of expressive markings in an effort to encourage performers to decide their own phrasing, articulation, and ornamentation. Quantz's On Playing the Flute, while written to describe performance practice for music a few decades after Heredia's time, is nevertheless a good starting point for these decisions.



3 C flutes and 1 alto flute


1 piccolo, 2 C flutes, and 1 alto flute


Emissary Quartet's arrangement of Ensalada is available for sale in two formats:

(1) printed hard copy

(2) electronic PDF, deliverable via email



Score and parts (hard copy) - $25.00

Shipping within the United States - $5.00

Score and parts (electronic PDF) - $25.00


Please contact Weronika Balewski at for further details.


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