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Welcome, flutists!

EQ believes that the world needs more great music for flute quartet.


An essential part of our mission is to expand the repertoire for four flutes through

commissions, arrangements, calls for scores, and advocacy.

Will you join us?

Complete the form below and we promise we'll send you a

free PDF of one of our scores (scroll down to see your choices).

We'll add you to our email list for updates on

EQ events, projects, and new music.

Thank you! Look for your pdf in the next 48 hours. We're looking forward to sharing our future projects with you!

About the music

Wedge by Peter Kramer (b. 1989)

Wedge began as a trio for 3 flutes, and was arranged for our quartet by the composer in April 2015. He was inspired by the sounds that surround a choir singing in a cathedral - the breathing, shuffling, and coughs reverberating in a huge space. Each performer plays from the same line of music, slightly "out of phase" with the others, and many extended techniques are used to capture the atmosphere of  a cavernous cathedral.

Watch one of our performances of Wedge here. Learn more about Peter Kramer and his work here.

Scored for 3 flutes and alto flute, though it could also work for 4 flutes with a little creativity!

Ensalada by Sebastian Aguilera de Heredia (1561-1627), arranged by Emissary Quartet

Organist and composer Sebastian Aguilera de Heredia was a key figure in the development of organ music in fifteenth century Spain. The "ensalada" is a secular polyphonic vocal genre from the Renaissance. Like a salad, it mixes a variety of elements - different languages, dialects, and rhythms. Heredia applied this idea to his work for organ by the same name, mixing unrelated themes and contrasting meters.


Arranged for piccolo, 2 flutes, and alto flute.

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