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"Thank you to the Emissary Quartet for an amazing quartet performance and workshop with the UTSA Flute Studio. Their career development workshop was insightful and empowering for our students. They shared their personal journeys, which included many different pathways one can take within the world of music and the flute. I know this class left my students feeling inspired and full of new ideas and energy to propel them through the school year and beyond. Thank you, Emissary Quartet!"

            -Dr. Rachel Woolf, Assistant Professor of Flute at UTSA

EQ offers workshops to flutists of any age and ability level.


Interested in booking EQ for a workshop? 

From 0 to 60 in One Day: Effective Rehearsing with Emissary Quartet

(50 min workshop)
In this hands-on workshop, they will share time-saving strategies and exercises which can

improve an ensemble’s unity, precision, and expression in efficient and lasting ways. Applicable to chamber ensembles or flute sections of any level. Please bring your flutes!

Coaching/Masterclass (any age)

Coaching duos, trios, quartet

Solo masterclass

Ensemble masterclass

College Audition Preparation


Advice and System for Preparation

Becoming an Entrepreneur

In this class, EQ discusses the entrepreneurial nature of having a career in music, which requires the skills of an administrator, teacher, and creator. This class will offer insight and inspiration into just how vast a musical career can be and the skills needed to get you there.

How to Start Your Own Chamber Group

Topics Covered: Branding, creating a professional ensemble, writing a mission statement,

planning activities, pitching ideas

Extended Techniques

Introduction to extended techniques for flutists and composers. Explore just how many diverse sounds the flute can make!

How to Navigate Life After Graduation

How four flutists navigated life after college and created fulfilling careers in music.

We’ll share each of our unique journeys, including how we’ve established ourselves in our cities, made money, found performance opportunities, and why you don’t have to win a job in a major symphony to be financially secure and have a meaningful life as a


Group Warm-Up

Join the members of EQ for a group warm-up! We incorporate our favorite warm-ups into

this group class! (bring flutes!)

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